Be You, Seek Him

On why I gave up social media for 21 days…


Bigger houses. Cleaner houses. Remodels.

Fancy dinners. Fancy drinks. Fancy dresses.

Businesses growing. Booming. Expanding.


We’ve all been there, in competition with one another. Sometimes, it creeps up on you. Maybe it just starts with something little. Wanting a pair of shoes that someone just posted a picture of. Or maybe it’s a new rug. Shoot… maybe they’re on vacation in Hawaii and you’re looking out the window at snow.

There’s a longing that you’ve now put in your heart. A longing, a need for more. What you have isn’t enough. You build on that need. Now it’s not only the shoes, but it’s a new dress to go with it, and a new bag, and why not cut your hair too. It will magically make you feel like a million bucks… Until next season’s fashion trends come along. That new rug? Add a new chair too. And paint your walls. And why not grab a new coffee table and curtains while you’re at it. You’ll love your new sitting arrangement… Until what you thought was “your style” suddenly changes. Oh and vacation! Splurge. Stay at the fanciest hotel, eat lobster for breakfast, and lunch, and definitely dinner. I mean, that’s what vacation is all about right?! Just don’t forget how great that lobster tasted when you’re going over your credit card statements for years to come.


How did it build up to all that?

All I wanted was a pair of shoes, a new rug, and warmer weather!


I won’t openly admit that it was and has been easy for me to compare and compete with strangers on the internet. Pinterest and instagram do a darn good job of helping me do that. Not to mention there are numbers everywhere telling you how many followers and likes you have. It’s an instant high. One new like, 10 new likes, 100… I must be doing something right!

For me, comparison is incredibly distracting. Here I am, in a period of waiting to see what God has next for me, and instead of focusing… I’m listening to all the other voices out there. They’re not entirely telling me to be someone I’m not, but they’re pushing me in that direction.

“Be careful not to turn others’ lives into the mold for your own… We have a God who is a Creator not a duplicator.” -Francis Chan


When your spirit is aligned with God, it feeds your soul and body. When it’s not aligned, your body and mind try to take over. Feeding my mind with inspiration for how my dream living room, my super open kitchen, my spa like master bath will come together only made me look at what we do have with a certain level of disgust. Checking instagram dozens of times a day, browsing pinterest for hours at a time, it’s no wonder I felt like a failure across the board! It’s hard to get distracted when you’re pleasing and worshipping God.


Our purpose isn’t to please people and compete with them,

our purpose is to ultimately please God.


I took a leave of absence from instagram and pinterest because I needed to shut off the voices so that I could hear His voice. I needed to stop getting distracted so that I can be shown the path that I need to be on, my calling, not the path that someone else is already traveling. That’s not what I’ve been called to do, and I don’t want to miss out on what He’s called me to.


Be you, seek Him.