Fall Recipe + Seed Swap

Fall Recipe + Seed Swap


50 seed packets


US + CANADA – canadians please email or send me a message on instagram to sign up

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How many packets do you need to send? 

50. You will send one packet for each individual in the swap. If you feel that you want to send more, please feel free! 

Do all the packets need to be of the same kind of seed?

No! You can send 5 packets of tomato seeds, 10 packets of beans, 20 packets of flowers, 2 packets of herbs… The total number of packets just seeds to equal 50.

Should you write your IG name on the packet?

That is absolutely 100% up to you! Some people have private profiles and some have profiles only for close friends and family members. If you don’t want to write your name on them, then leave it off. No worries :)

Do the seeds need to be organic/heirloom/non-GMO only?

Organic preferred, heirloom is a bonus but definitely non-GMO. When writing the name of type of seed, please be somewhat specific. French Marigold or Harlequin Marigold instead of just “Marigold”. Brandywine Pink or Cherokee Purple instead of just “Beefsteak”. 

Are only veggies allowed for the swap?

No! No! No! Herbs are welcome. Flowers are more than welcome! Let’s feed those bees! And make bouquets! And obviously fruit + vegetable seeds are welcome! 

How many seeds per packet should you send? 

That depends on the type of seed. Carrots, lettuce… Those you want at least like 20 in a packet. Tomatoes, peppers: Like 5-7 in a packet. Beans and peas: 6-10. Kale/spinach: roughly 10 seeds… You get the idea. These are only guidelines! 

please do not send in MOLDY seeds. If you send moldy seeds, you will be asked to send more at your expense.

please do not send 1-2 seeds in a packet. If you send only 1-2 seeds per packet, you will be asked to send more at your expense.

Please make sure that your seeds and recipe are in the mail by October 10 so that they can be mailed back out ASAP! Please get a tracking number for your records. If you sign up for the swap but don’t send seeds, you will not receive seeds back. The faster the turnaround, the faster you can get the seeds, the faster you can get planning your gardens with the goodies you receive! 


Every member of the swap will be emailed a PDF of all the recipes that have been sent in. I still use some of the recipes sent last year!


You will receive an email after you sign up with the address to send your seeds to. If you do not receive the email with 24 hours, first check you spam box! If it’s not there, send an email to sandsoulseek@gmail.com with your name stating so.

The cost of shipping your seeds to me is not included in the price. Shipping the seeds back to you is included in the price.

PLEASE CHECK YOUR PAYPAL ADDRESS – this is the address I use to ship your seeds. if it is wrong, and seeds are sent back, you will need to pay for extra shipping. 

Please make sure that the name and address on the outside of the package that you send to me is legible. If you want to add a note with your name and address just in case, feel free to do so! Please also include your instagram name either on your seeds, on a note, or use the customer notes field when checking out and add it there. 


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That’s right friends, no money back. People are counting on you just like you are counting on them. This is a commitment. This money seals your spot which means that someone else cannot take it.